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Kate Crowbert's artist statement and other information.


My name is Kate Crowley-Gilbert, welcome to my online gallery.

My journey has brought me from Chula Vista, CA through San Francisco and finally onto Boise, ID where I live and hand-make everything you see here. My passion for art solidified over years of painting with traditional mediums such as oil and watercolor. Today however, I find myself increasingly moved to try on new mediums as they spark my interest, such as fiber art, metal and wood work.

My designs are most commonly inspired by architecture and other man-made structures and objects, in almost direct opposition to very natural surface materials. Though no piece is ever intended to showcase a likeness of any recognizable "thing", they are more-so intended to conjure feelings of familiarity and comfort as well as bewilderment. I like to think they both surface and stem from humanity's collective history of triumph, awe and possibility.